Skype International India calling card rates using Dial91

Jan 01, 2019 How to Call India from US and Canada - Dial91 How to Call India Using Skype. First of all, why would you want to use MagicJack with Dial91? Doesn't MagicJack have a long distance service on its own? The answer is yes, you can call internationally using MagicJack. But there are certain advantages - one of them being cost. The cost to call using MagicJack from the US to India is 2 cents. Unlimited calls to India at the lowest rates | Call India in 3 easy steps. Create an account or log in Buy a Calling Plan and pay with a credit/debit card or PayPal Start calling from any phone or with our free smartphone app No hidden fees. Pay only for the minutes you use. No hidden charges or other fees. 1 Minute Rounding

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How to Call India from US and Canada - Dial91

Apr 28, 2016