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Hi, I have a scenario as below. I have one cisco 2811 router with two Ethernet ports(one WAN(A) and one LAN(B)) and one ADSL interface(C). Behind the router there is a cisco ASA 5500 firewall with three VLAN's(Internal (D) , External(E) and DMZ (F)). I want all incoming traffic on certain ports a Wired Routers, VPN Routers & Cable Routers - Standard Router Ports - dummies Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet: Standard network interfaces used to connect different network segments. Console: Serial configuration port for command-line access to router management and configuration. Refer to Figure 3-1 to see the console port. WAN Interface Card (WIC) port: Because a wide variety of WAN connectivity options are available (for example, T1, ISDN, ADSL), you can use Solved: Router - Dual WAN - NETGEAR Communities The question: which router can have two different WAN ports connected and will automatically fail-over if it senses a outage? There are no VPNs. The internet connection is to get to cloud based CRM systems that are business critical. So - a router / switch with two different WAN ports plugged in and has auto-sensing capability. Thanks. Darryl

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