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Back in America with a black eye, Silent Circle rebuilds Jul 27, 2017 Silent Circle (The Witches Circle #1) by Cassandra Larsen Aug 21, 2014

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Silent Circle - Touch In The Night - Official Music Video The song was written by Silent Circle keyboardist, Axel Breitung with German songwriters Bernd Dietrich and Engelbert Simons. It was released as the band's second single in December 1985 with "Lost In Your Light" on the B-si Silent Circle was Martin Tyschen (vocalist, and his vocals are just Great, some of the best at that time), Axel Breitung, and CC Behrens. No 1 was released in 1986, and this unfortunately was the first and last LP by Silent Circle in the 80's (there were some singles released that another reviewer mentioned, but no official albums). CD is thick (unlike other modern thin CDs) as in 80s and with gold surface. Sound is the best I ever heard and the selection of bonus tracks seems to be very reasonable for this album. An essential item for any Silent Circle collector.